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Embrace the Fear (exclusive video)

‘Solitude & I’ out October 23

Solitude & I: ‘an in-your-face electronic manifesto’. We’re releasing our new single, ‘Solitude & I’ on Friday October 23. It’s got drum and bass rhythms, prime Depeche Mode-style synths and fantastic vocals. It’s a song that we’re very proud of and we hope you like it too. We wrote ‘Solitude & I’ when we were…

Without you, there would be no Us!

‘We miss playing music for you and we’d really like to sing along with you as we do at our concerts.’  So, here’s our idea: you play our track Voyager with your headphones on and sing along while videoing yourself on your phone. We´ll compile a (virtual) live video version of Voyager and you can…

Us live in Germany x 2

After the success i Germany in October 2019 where Us played in Siegburg, Erfurt and Braucnschweig together with Diary of Dreams, Us is now going back to Germany for two more live shows together with Diary of Dreams in January 2020. For more info and tickets, see below.20.01.10 Wiesbaden20.01.31 Wuppertal

‘First Contact’ CD (Limited Edition)

We are delighted to announce that you can now pre-order the limited edition CD version of the debut album ‘First Contact’ (available from mid-January). And the first 200 orders will receive a free Us tote bag (available in four colours). 

Us live in Germany

Us we will be supporting Diary of Dreams for three shows in October! ‘We’re really looking forward to meeting the German crowd and we hope we will not let them down!’, says Andrew Montgomery. Tour dates:10.10.2019 Siegburg, Kubana Live Club11.10.2019 Erfurt, HsD Gewerkschaftshaus12.10.2019 Braunschweig, Lokpark Diary of Dreams live in Moscow in 2016.

First Contact – out May 17!

On May 17, the Stockholm-based duo release their long-awaited debut album ‘First Contact‘, 11 filmic electronic pop songs that most certainly will appeal to fans of Radiohead, Depeche Mode, Muse and Jean-Michel Jarre. Us: Leo Josefsson and Andrew Montgomery. Photo: Mehdi Bagherzadeh ‘First Contact’ features underground hits ‘Mute’ and ‘Voyager’, as well as tracks that are soon-to-be-essential listening,…

To the End of the World (remixes)

’To the End of the World’, the new album by Stockholm electronic duo Us, features 11 remixes of the band’s first singles by various producers and artists from around the globe. On the album’s lead track, Us are joined by Ben Ellis, bass player for Iggy Pop and Marc Almond (and formerly of Catherine Wheel…

VOYAGER (to the end of the world)

Voyager, the underground electronic classic, is coming back in a special retooled, revved up rock version. Us are joined by the mighty Ben Ellis, bass player for Iggy Pop and Swervedriver (and formerly of Catherine Wheel and Serafin), as well as their live band of Mats Jönsson (guitar) and Sebastian Åberg (drums). This is the…

Us live in 360

Us performing ‘The Stars That Arc Across the Sky’ and ‘Till the Dying of the Light’ live in 360 from the studio in Stockholm.

‘The Stars That Arc Across The Sky’ is out!

The new single ‘The Stars That Arc Across the Sky’ is out!   ’The Stars that Arc Across the Sky’ is a stunning, luminous uptempo torch song, and is the most poignant but uplifting example of their music to date, with a four-to-the-floor heartbreaker that blazes over the airwaves like a beautiful comet.   Here, ex-Geneva…

Live Review: A virtuoso UK premiere of ex Geneva Andrew Mongtomery’s new band in Glasgow

“Montgomery’s new project, Us are a whole different ball game from Geneva. There is barely a guitar on show, as Montgomery and Josefsson dressed in matching pure white boiler suits and head-mounted lights launch into a short but so, so sweet set of atmospheric widescreen synth pop. The heart-stoppingly dark art-electro of My Heart’s Desire…