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New tour dates in Germany!

Additional dates have been for live shows in Germany together with Diary of Dreams. 030923 Wiesbaden 071223 Siegburg 081223 Bremen 091223 Braunschweig

Us live in Germany

Us we will be supporting Diary of Dreams for three shows in October! ‘We’re really looking forward to meeting the German crowd and we hope we will not let them down!’, says Andrew Montgomery. Tour dates:10.10.2019 Siegburg, Kubana Live Club11.10.2019 Erfurt, HsD Gewerkschaftshaus12.10.2019 Braunschweig, Lokpark Diary of Dreams live in Moscow in 2016.

Us live in 360

Us performing ‘The Stars That Arc Across the Sky’ and ‘Till the Dying of the Light’ live in 360 from the studio in Stockholm.

Sunday Post writes about Us and Geneva embarking Scotland

Now based in Sweden, next weekend sees Andrew returning home to play two shows in Glasgow – one looking to the past and one to the future. On Friday September 14, he’ll take to the stage alongside Leo Josefsson as part of electronic duo Us. And the next day he’ll be dusting down some old…

Us live from the studio

Us live from the studio via facebook live Andrew and Leo have talked about opening up the studio and performing live via facebook since they started Us in 2015. The 29th of January they finally did it, and fans from all over the world could see them perform three new songs (Mute, Voyager & Never Get Over).

Us live at #howsessions

Us performed live for the first time at House of Wizards in Stockholm, Sweden. It was an intimate event where a specially invited crowd could see the band perform their debut single ‘Till the Dying of the Light’, ‘Mute’, ‘ My Heart’s Desire’ and ‘Never Get Over’. The show was streamed live via <a href=””>Us…