Where happy to announce a brand new remix of ‘Dying on the Vine’ by German synthpop legends Beborn Beton!
Release: November 17th 2023

‘When looking for promising remix artists for the limited 2CD artbook edition of our album “Darkness Falls Again” (released March 17, 2023), Unify Separate was recommended to me by my friend Volker Maass who is hosting the electronic music radio station “Operating//generating”. I have known Leo’s other projects “Lowe” and “Statemachine” (that I was and still am a huge fan of) and the moment I listened to “Dying on the Vine” I was hooked. A perfect pop gem, catchy af.

Needless to say, the remix that Leo provided for our track “Electricity” was amazing; a banger, well received among fans and critics alike. So, when Leo approached me to do a remix of “Dying on the Vine” in return, I was happy to comply. The problem was that the original song is already so awesome, how could I make something equally good or even remotely in the ballpark of what they have created?

As I did some thinking and reminiscing about Swedish pop music history, I remembered one of my favourite 80s songs by ABBA singer Anni-Frid Lyngstad produced by none other than Phil Collins, who also played the drums on that classic: “I Know There’s Something Going On”. That epic drum play had always left me in awe. The raw power it conveyed. I always wanted to do something in that fashion, so I grabbed the opportunity.

Remixing “Dying on the Vine”, I had to do something different from the original to compete with its class, but still leaving the core of the track intact. 

The remix was mastered by Pete Burns at The Shelter.

Stefan Netschio / Beborn Beton

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