City of Light, the new single from Unify Separate; released 1/12/23.

City of Light, the new single from Stockholm-based synth duo Unify Separate, is a shimmering, melancholic electronic pop anthem that celebrates the bittersweet sense of freedom that can be felt by leaving the world and all its troubles behind, if only for a fleeting moment.

“In the city of light let’s forget who we are, tonight. Make it all go away, it’s okay to believe the lie,” sighs singer Andrew Montgomery, while Leo Josefsson conjures up a gorgeous vintage synthpop backdrop, with emphatic verses and soaring choruses.

For Leo and Andrew, the City of Light is a subtle but significant update on the Unify Separate soundworld that they employed to such powerful effect on second album, ‘Music Since Tomorrow’. It’s a sign of the duo’s continuing creative dynamism, as they begin work on their much-anticipated third album.

City of Light is available on Bandcamp and on all major streaming platforms from Friday 1st December.