The new single ‘Dying on the Vine’

The new Unify Separate single ‘Dying on the Vine’, which channels classic synthpop with acidic social commentary, is released on 15 January.

These days, our lives are forever lived in the public eye. We share photos of the food we eat, voice our innermost secrets, bare our bad habits, pimp our pets and air our dirty laundry. Ceaselessly, unrelentingly, unthinkably…24/7 on Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter and/or Instagram. We no longer spend our time with real friends and live in the moment. Instead we focus on digital buddies we’ve never met, who we desperately try to court, to connect for just a moment and get that all-important like that validates who we are. We are, all of us, truly, madly and deeply… dying on the vine.

The cats, the food, the remedies…your kids, your life, your family…can’t you see the irony…of non-exclusive privacy?

Unify separate